BVH - A Shared Blockchain Resource

BVH is a shared platform that gives business users a greater appreciation of what blockchain can deliver while, at the same time, helping entrepreneurs and developers to grasp the speed and direction in which the innovation frontier is moving. BVH likes the Harry S Truman motto that "It's amazing what you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit."

Our Services

BVH is a Shared Resource for people interested in blockchain. We maintain a comprehensive database and interrogate it to produce insightful Research. In return, Entrepreneurs and Developers are invited to share their innovations with us. In this way, the resource base is responsive to market needs.


BVH maintains an extensive Database of Coins, ICOs, Funders and Participants. The resulatant Research is designed to impact policy and strategic decisions.


BVH Research is Interactive, using Tool-Tip technology to enable you to Learn at Your Own Speed.


BVH connects Developers, Funders and Business Users, outlining the innovations, identifying the funding mechanisms and isolating the value-added.


Context is paramount to BVH. It takes a macro approach, exploring how blockchain can facilitate other technologies such as AI, VR, Data Analytics and Robotics.


BVH wants to place a practical and accessible resource at participant's disposal, informing them of what is avaliable and exploring how their contribution can have most impact.


Ideally BVH sees itself as a non-technical one-stop-shop for those interested in deriving maximum benefits from the possibilities that blockchain affords.

BVH Research

To the outside observer, BVH will likely come across as a Research Company as most of its published output will appear in that format. However, the genesis of this research is worth considering. It is crucially dependent, not just on the maintenance of our proprietary databases, but also on the quality of our interaction with other stakeholders. It is hoped to pitch the research at a level that will encourage constant dialogue with funders, business users, regulators and policy makers. The aim is to be an integral part of the decision making process rather than an ex-post follower.

Research will be organised across four main threads:
  • Interactive heat-style Maps will facilitate user-directed learning Sector.

  • Country based Reports on a planned rolling basis.

  • Theme based Reports will address topics that are of current interest.

  • Occasional Reports prompted by user feedback.

Our Team

BVH places a high premium on the integrity of its database and the objectivity of its research.

As a result, it has organised its core activities into three main areas:

  • Research function is headed by Mick O'Sullivan from Dublin, Ireland.

  • Database maintenance is managed by Srinivasan Dasarathi from Chennai, India.

  • Marketing is coordinated through Crypto IB, thereby facilitating a global presence.

Mick O'Sullivan
Srini Dasarathi